Bespoke Blonde, Burnished Brunette. Redefined Red: All part of a  magical (and oldworldesque) technique that captures the essence of handmadehair. Balyage, Ombre, HairPainting: each of these terms refer to the technique that was conceived in a French boutique salon, I am going to say sometime in the 70’s. Sassy. Elegant. Bold. Soft. HairPainting is Diverse enough to appeal to anyone who is looking for a low(er) maintenance - often times golden, and platinum (and pastel, red, bronze, silver...) - GorgeouslyGlorious head of hair. Our colourists use lightener and select from a variety of “tools” - backboard, hog hair brush, cotton, foil; all followed by a  Refinement to meld the light/dark pallete. Balyage, HairPainting, Ombre, Colour Melt heralds personalized effects. Of course, the outcome relies on skilled practioners with a keen hand/eye coordination and crisp fashion sense. 


Hair Painting while an effective process, can be time heavy. Expect 2.5 hours for each session. In the case of a major colour shift, expect more than 1 session with your stylist. Consultations - prebooked - are necessary for major or corrective processes. Please bear in mind that because of the expanded service window, we require a deposit equal to one hour of the service and no less 48 Hours Cancellation or deposit is held. This policy is effective for 2 reasons:

 We Love Your Hair

  We Would Like You To Fall In Love With Us. 


Women's Cut 

80-   Jo
110-  Sara
190-  John

Men's Cut

60-  Jo
70-  Sara
100-  John




THE Softs


40-  Jo
45-  Sara
80-  John

Blow-Out & Hot Irons

45-  Jo
50-  Sara
85-  John


60-  Jo
110-  Sara
140-  John



Bridal Trial (Req'd)

110.00- Sara *1 Hour *Up to 3 looks *Final Look left Undone


120 - Sara

Mother of Bride Blow Out

95 - Sara

70 - Stylist


BridesMaids (Party)

Blow Out

95 - Sara (Gratuity 18%)

70 - Stylist (Gratuity 18%)


Mother Of & BridesMaids (Party)

Up Do

110 - Sara (Gratuity 18%)

80 - Stylist (Gratuity 18%)

**Off Site On Request Only; Minimum 3 (Bride+2); Service Charge to Include Transportion and Gratuity 18%; Deposit Req'd; Late Cancellation/Late Fees Incurred (100% of Deposit)




95-  Single Process (Rough Dry Only)

110+- Single Process & Blow-Out

Blonded, The Highlights

120- Partial

140+- Half

180+- Full  

125-  Bleach & Tone/Double Process (Olaplex recommended +$36)

185+  Hair Painting*/Balayage*

180-  Ombrè*

*Includes Consult/Direction

**Cancellation within 48Hours


45- BaseBreak, When Just A Little Will Do

40- Tone, The Refinement


*Corrective Colour/Balayage - Prices at Consultation

Olaplex- Olaplex: the bond multiplying formulation. Olaplex corrects damage onto hair from environmental, thermal and chemical exposure. We use Olaplex to help ensure stronger, shinier hair.

We use Olaplex before and with Chemical Lightening and Keratin Treatments. 

15 - 25   Olaplex Add-On *Blonded *KeraSmooth

36 -      Olaplex Bonding Salon Treatment

36 -      Olaplex #3, After Care/Retail



The Bundle: Sharps & Shades

Cut & Single Process

170-  Jo
185-  Sara
280-  John

Cut & Partial Highlights

195-  Jo
215-  Sara
290-  John

Cut & Half Highlights

220- Jo
235- Sara
340- John

Cut & Full Highlights

265- Jo
270- Sara
345- John

New Talent

These kids won't last long! That is these kids won't be "new talent" forever. Book Now, Book Often. They're #Gorgeous, just like #You


60- Women's Cut
55- Men's Cut

34- Blow Out

95- Single Process

120+ Highlights


70- Women's Cut

60-Men's Cut

34- Blow Out

95- Single Process

120+ Highlights 



60 - Women's Cut

55- Men's Cut






We are proud members of Greencircle Salons who recycle & repurpose hair, foils, colour-tubes, papers and plastics and divert excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain.